Blue Apron Packaging Returns Program

Interested in participating in our free packaging returns program? See below for some frequently asked questions:

How do I send back my packaging?

Collect 2 or more deliveries worth of packaging (liners, ice packs, plastic bags and containers), and put it all in one Blue Apron box.  Recycle the other box (or boxes) with your normal cardboard curbside recycling.

If you have already recycled both your Blue Apron boxes, you can use a similar sized box instead, just affix your return label to it.

What packaging do I include in the box?

You can include all the packaging from 2 or more deliveries. Please make sure to rinse out plastic baggies and containers to the best of your ability so there is no food residue. You can send the liners and ice packs back as is, or to reduce the weight of your box, you can empty the contents of the ice packs in the trash and just send back the plastic.

Do I have to return all the packaging?

We encourage you to return as much of your rinsed packaging as possible from 2 deliveries or more so we can recycle or reuse it.

How do I label the box?

Get your free return label through our “How to Recycle” center by clicking “Print Return Label.”  You can either print your return label or have it emailed to you. Affix your label covering as much of the original label as possible on the box.

If I lose my free return label, what do I do?

Click on “How to Recycle” in your account and follow the steps again to print a new label.

What happens to the packaging I return?

All rinsed packaging will be recycled.

I don’t see the recycling center on my account, how do I participate in the returns program?

We’re working to make the returns program available to everyone.  We’ll send you an email as soon as the program is available in your area!

As always, please reach out to us with any question at

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