Blue Apron and Gimlet Creative Cook Up New Food Podcast

“Why We Eat What We Eat,” a New Podcast from Blue Apron, Premieres Wednesday, October 11

As Americans, we have access to more food, more cuisines from all over the world, and more exotic tastes and flavors than any other society in human history. With such an abundance of options at our fingertips, one central question emerges — why do we eat what we eat? Why do some of us drink Soylent? Or go to Michelin-starred restaurants? Or perfect our grandma’s casserole recipe?

Blue Apron, known for delivering high-quality ingredients and accessible chef-driven recipes to home cooks across the country, and Gimlet Creative have partnered to explore this question in a new podcast titled, Why We Eat What We Eat, which premieres Wednesday, October 11. Each episode will explore the unseen forces that guide and influence the decisions people make about food. Blue Apron focuses on creating premium content for customers across its product experience to further the company’s value for lifelong learning in the kitchen.  Added content including In-box “Extra Helpings” features on unique ingredients included in weekly recipes, blog posts highlighting supplier stories, and online videos teaching fundamental cooking techniques are used to engage customers and to enhance their overall Blue Apron cooking experience. Why We Eat What We Eat is a natural extension of Blue Apron’s existing storytelling capabilities and a new platform to dive deeper into topics and trends discovered through company data and feedback from home cooks across the country.

Why We Eat What We Eat is hosted by Cathy Erway, a New York-based food writer and cookbook author, who first entered the food scene in 2006 when she launched her breakout blog,  Not Eating Out in NY, which chronicled the two years she swore off all restaurant food and what she ate instead. Cathy is the author of the memoir The Art of Eating In: How I Learned to Stop Spending and Love the Stove, and the cookbook The Food of Taiwan: Recipes from the Beautiful Island. She also hosts her own podcast, Eat Your Words, on Heritage Radio Network, which is currently in its eighth year.

In season one of Why We Eat What We Eat, episodes investigate:

  • Food Trends – how did kale go from lowly deli case garnish to adorning sweatshirts? Who do we have to thank for its ubiquity — a hippie in Vermont or a glamorous New York City publicist? We go down the rabbit hole to find the truth about kale.

  • Picky Eaters – what makes kids, and some adults, so picky? Is it psychological, physiological, or something in between? We hear from novelist Alissa Nutting about her processed-foods-only diet, learn how cultural values can turn kids into mini-gourmands, and discover the science behind sensitive tastebuds.

  • Potlucks – perhaps the ultimate American meal isn’t a specific food, like hotdogs or apple pie. Perhaps it’s a whole table full of delightfully mismatched dishes. We trace the history of how potlucks have brought Americans together in times of hardship, and then visit present-day Minnesota, where potlucks still rule the dinner party scene

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